WATCH: I was able to watch Whiplash this weekend at the New York Film Festival. It blew my mind because this was only the director, Damien Chazelle's, second feature film and he was able to so artfully create a movie that could have so easily been cheesy and instead made it a cutting edge, sharp, art film.

My big take away from the movie was, aside from how mind blowing Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons were in it, that the editing and the constant close ups, kept what could have potentially been dull shots of someone drumming for 3 to 4 minutes at a time, wildly exciting. Chazelle was able to create suspense, fear, and excitement. This movie was perfection for me and easily one of my most favorites from 2014.

I recommend everyone to go watch it because while the story may not be entirely compelling, it shows the power of filmmaking, and a director’s ability to draw you in. It shows that we don’t need a movie to be about terrorists, wild explosions, or high-speed car chases in order to keep you on the edge of your seat.

LISTEN: This tumblr has been neglected so much. Mostly because I finally got a full-time job and I didn’t have time to update.

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of young rappers that (I believe) have awesome, inventive flow. I was never a huge rap connoisseur so I know that my opinions are rusty and not based on much. The reason why I am impressed by Watsky is that he evidently has his own style, has his own topics to write about, and it is obvious that he is talented. I can see him going far, excited for all of these fresh SF based rappers.

Also that back track - I am feeling it.

Countdown to Bonnaroo!

I will be going to my first ever music festival this summer. My friend and I managed to score Bonnaroo tickets and we are beyond excited because we’ve been trying to get tickets to Coachella and Lollapalooza for a while now.

I don’t know if anyone will like this, but I am going to do a sort of weekly or bi-weekly short write up of artists that I am excited to see and which of their songs had me hooked to their music. I will also explore artists that I’ve never heard of, so that I can be fully ready for the festival!

LISTEN: Maybe I should just post all of these Live Lounge videos. Anyway, I have been listening to this on repeat during work. Childish Gambino should sing more.

LISTEN: I will always be a fan of BBC Radio1’s Live Lounge videos because artists are encourage to cover songs that aren’t in their normal genre. These songs are also usually ones that are distinct to their owner, so the band/artist covering must reinvent the song in order suit them. Here is The 1975 covering the Clean Bandit’s Rather Be, which I had posted earlier, and it is fantastic.

LISTEN: Young Brit gents have been killing me lately. Great, fresh music is being made by these dudes. Examples are George Ezra, Sam Smith, Sampha, and Jake Bugg. Raleigh Ritchie is now on that list for me!

LISTEN: I wish I had discovered the Bourneland brothers earlier! They make great remixes. Here is a Destiny’s Child remix~

Check out their other work on their Soundcloud page!

LISTEN: to Cambridge University founded, Clean Bandit, a baroque pop group. Absolute perfection!


Read “The Iceberg a recently unearthed short story by Zelda Fitzgerald:

Illustration by Roman Muradov.

READ: Read this!

WATCH: The Hunt is the best film that I have seen this year. The story was so utterly perfect, showing the brutal and then the contrasting comforting sides of human nature and society. I’m not an emotional person, but the film made me cry buckets and actually had me shaking at some points. I was even holding my breath during the final scene. The film stayed in my head for days and days and Mads Mikkelsen’s face was floating around in my head. I hope that Mads gets nominated for best actor as well because it was the most phenomenal performance I have seen in a long time.